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Right now, you have the power to spread a smile to a child in need. This seemingly simple expression of happiness has a way of warming hearts while bringing out the kid in all of us.

Unfortunately, smiles are few and far between for millions of children worldwide who face severe or life-threatening medical conditions from birth.

By donating to Smiles for Children, you can bring a sense of genuine delight to these struggling little ones and their families.

About Our Founders

Although blessed with three perfectly-healthy children, Ken and Mary developed a deep appreciation for the struggles of parents with ailing children after listening to a presentation from a representative of a world-renowned charitable children’s hospital.
This newfound perspective gave Ken and Mary a glimpse at the unthinkable questions many parents are forced to ask, such as…

Where can we turn for treatment?

How can we ever afford quality care?

How will our child’s health condition impact our lives and their future?

Will our child survive?

Over the next decade, Ken and Mary felt a recurring desire to help these struggling children and families. How they would make an impact, however, was still unclear. That’s when everything suddenly changed. Without warning, their expecting son and daughter-in-law, Kenny and Allie, were given the news that their daughter may have a debilitating condition.

After several weeks of stress and anxiety, the medical specialists determined that the child’s health was no longer in jeopardy. Autumn, Ken and Mary’s granddaughter, was born in perfect health just a few months later.

That’s when Ken and Mary recognized their call to action. Through Smiles for Children, they are striving to positively impact children and families who were not as fortunate. In the words of Ken, the foundation has the power “to take a bit of the pain away and take their minds off things,” even if only temporarily.

An impact you can see and feel

Even if just for a fleeting moment, the warmth of a child’s smile can light up an entire room. These moments drive us to continue offering the compassion and support these innocent hearts need throughout their treatments and everyday struggles.

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