Smiles for Children

Bringing joy to young hearts

Committed to supporting little ones with severe or life-threatening medical conditions, our Smiles for Children family is here to extend a helping hand. We proudly bring smiling faces to hospitalized children and their loved ones.


Comforting children with games, activities, clothing, and beyond.


Improving hospitals through training and event fundraising for specialized equipment.


Tending to the emotional needs of children and family members alike.

About us

Inspired by
every smile

For children, happiness is difficult to find amid health challenges. The sad truth is that not all children are blessed with the oftentimes underappreciated gift of good health.

During periods of hardship and hospitalization, genuine joy is especially hard to come by. That’s why at Smiles for Children, we are here to replace anguish with hope.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, our Florida-based foundation is dedicated to answering the call throughout the Sunshine State and beyond as we grow. All the while, our driving inspiration is the simple yet powerful gesture of a child’s smile.

Our mission

To offer dedicated support to hospitalized children, their families, and the healthcare professionals providing care.

Caring for children in need

through tailored activities and purchases, such as the comfort of a stuffed animal or the distraction of a gaming console.

Looking after families & loved ones

with outreach efforts to provide a range of tailored services, emotional support, and beyond during the hardest days.

Serving healthcare professionals

via initiatives such as nurse training or equipment purchases tailored to the unique needs of the medical teams we work with.

Supporting children’s hospitals

with donations from charitable events such as auctions and gala dinners to build awareness and directly support each mission.

An impact you can see and feel

Even if just for a fleeting moment, the warmth of a child’s smile can light up an entire room. These moments drive us to continue offering the compassion and support these innocent hearts need throughout their treatments and everyday struggles.

What we do

One foundation.
Limitless Support.

Whether we’re hosting a large-scale fundraising event or simply delivering a toy to a child in need, we believe in the importance of every effort — both large and small. Our work includes:

Nurturing a sense of normalcy and genuine happiness to spark smiles

Bringing real connection and emotional support during trying times

Driving heightened standards of care to make a meaningful difference

Providing resources that empower healthcare facilities to maximize their impact

And beyond

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